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Air conditioners are one of the most essential and often-used appliances by homeowners. Temperatures can get extraordinarily hot all year long, especially in the middle of the day. If a new space is being built or an existing air conditioning unit breaks down, being able to call upon AC installation services is crucial.

Whether you’re putting in your first AC system or replacing an old one, the air conditioning installation contractors at Southern Comfort Mechanical are ready to lend a hand. Let our specially trained and highly skilled team provide your home with long-lasting comfort solutions.


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Signs You’ll Need Your Unit Changed

There comes a time in the life of every home appliance when it needs to be replaced by a modern, state-of-the-art model. Whether it’s due to the frequency and expense of repairs and maintenance calls, or simply the physical wear and tear it has suffered over the years, every AC unit’s value depreciates. By recognizing when your AC unit is closing in on the end of its usefulness, you can prepare to purchase a new one.

Installing a new air conditioning system can come at a high-cost upfront, but the money you save by running a new model with a higher efficiency rating could mean the unit pays for itself. Maintenance and repairs should be less frequent and the amount you save on your energy bill each month will be apparent. If you’re unsure whether or not you should buy a new AC system, ask a technician next time you make a service call if they think it’s worth the cost.


What is the Difference Between System Speeds

Single Stage

  • Like a light switch – on or off
  • When the temperature reaches a set target the system turns on – then turns off when it reaches target level
  • This cycles on and off
Single Stage


  • Similar to a room with the main set of lights and auxiliary lights around the room – they are turned on to add to the brightness
  • In a system the 1st cover approx. 60% of the capacity, when the demand is higher then the second stage turns on
  • The first stage is enough to cover a large part of the time and will be activated when the temps are high
Two Stage

Variable Speed

  • Like a dimmer switch – goes from low to high to any desired level
  • A variable speed will continuously adjust to the conditions
  • This gives the best comfort as it runs for long periods there is always some air flow
  • Also the most efficient as it is matching the required demand
Variable Speed

Choosing Us For Your Next Commercial AC Unit Replacement

Please think twice before trying to install a new air conditioning system by yourself. It might seem like a simple task, but this is often far from the case. By attempting to put in an AC unit without the proper tools or training, you put both the appliance and yourself at risk. This is a delicate operation with a complicated device that requires expert precision. A lot can go wrong if you’re not prepared for everything. If you give us a call, we will install your unit safely and properly so you and your staff can enjoy working in a comfortable space.

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