How large does your heating and air conditioning system need to be?

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Estimated Unit Size:

Don’t know the square footage of your home? Check your property tax paperwork.

*The tonnage output is directional and the final requirement will be different based on the specifics of you home and equipment configuration recommended by a professional.

Size matters

Smaller Home
small home
Low Tonnage System
Large Home
large home
High Tonnage, Multiple HVAC Systems
The two homes above are different in multiple ways

  • Sizes – Square footage
  • Construction materials
  • Rate of heat gain and loss
  • Number of people
  • Appliances
If the heating and air conditioning system is too small

  • The system will run continuously and not cool your home
  • There may be hot or cold spots
  • Uncomfortable for parts of the year – too warm/ too cold
  • High humidity levels
Other factors can reduce the effectiveness of the unit

  • Leaky or old duct work
  • Dirt build up on parts of the system inside or outside
    • Dirty filter
    • Low freon levels
    A system that is too large for your home will be uncomfortable

    • System will run for short periods of time
    • System will not run long enough to reduce the humidity level
    • Higher energy consumption from starting and stopping
    • Reduced life of the equipment
    What factors are considered when sizing an air conditioner

    • Square footage of the home
    • Number of people living in the home
    • The insulation of the home, how tight the construction is
    • Windows size, direction they are facing, coating
    • Type of construction
    • Age of the home
    • How the home owner wants the system to perform, target heating and cooling temperatures
    • Existing duct work or new duct work
    • Layout of the home – single story, two story, open foyer, great room
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