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Air Handler Services in LewisvilleAir conditioners are complicated and delicate appliances that are made up of several different intricate parts. One of the most important of these is the air handler. This component is crucial to the operation of any air conditioning system.

It’s key for homeowners in Lewisville, TX to have access to an air conditioning company that employs contractors who understand these systems inside and out. That’s where we come in. Southern Comfort Mechanical has a roster of specially trained technicians who are ready to help with air handler repair or air handler installation services whenever you need them.

What’s an Air Handler, Anyway?

You’ve probably seen it many times without knowing what it is. The air handler is shaped like a plain metal box and is attached to your AC system. It holds several parts, including filters, fans, sound attenuators, and dampers. Since it’s connected directly with the air ducts, it’s vital to air circulation. All it takes is for one piece to malfunction in order for airflow to be compromised and the environment in your home to be affected.

Air Handler Services Are Important

Since the air handler is a critical component of any air conditioning system, it must be properly maintained. If there’s mold growth inside the handler due to excess moisture, algae in the condenser drain line or a dirty evaporator coil, it can negatively impact your AC unit’s efficiency. The filters inside may also build up excess dirt and become clogged, which will also make your AC waste energy trying to sustain the cool climate inside your home.

It’s clear an air handler in poor condition will only add strain to your air conditioning system and result in more money spent on your energy bill. If you experience a major decrease in your AC appliance’s performance and suspect the air handler is at fault, it may be best to call a professional and schedule an appointment.

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