One of the best ways of increasing the value in your home while making your HVAC system more efficient is by insulating the attic. If your attic isn’t insulated well, it could force your HVAC system to work harder and longer to sustain your home’s climate. This is especially important during hot summers.

Perhaps the most effective way of insulating an attic is through the blown-in method. The technicians at Southern Comfort Mechanical are trained and equipped to accomplish this for you.



Blowing insulation into a space is a simple and practical way of adding insulation to a small area. There’s no need to haul batts of fiberglass or tediously cut them into specific measurements. Blown-in attic insulation uses a device to take small pieces of fiberglass or cellulose from a bag and blow them toward the areas that need insulation. It allows our technicians to fit insulation into every corner, nook, and cranny in your attic to ensure maximum coverage.


Blown Cellulose Insulation Installers For Attics

Signs You Need Blown-In Attic Insulation

An attic that isn’t properly insulated could give way to air leaks between it and the rooms below. This can make the environment in your home uncomfortable.


Here are a few indications that you need blown-in attic insulation:

  • Spaces below the attic become warm during the day and cold at night
  • Cold drafts are felt in these rooms when the temperature outside is low
  • Any bare spots in the attic where insulation should be
  • Increasingly high energy bills

Satisfaction Guaranteed with Southern Comfort MechanicalIf there’s air transfer between your attic and the rooms below, your HVAC system will have to run longer than it needs to in order to maintain your home’s temperature. By hiring a technician to insulate your attic, you can save money in the long run by paying less for utilities.


Choosing Loose Fiberglass Insulation Technicians Near You

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