How Does Indoor Air Quality Affect Our Health?

February 10, 2020

Dirty Furnace Affects Our HealthIf the air quality in your home is poor, it can lead to a variety of short- and long-term health issues. Indoor air pollution can get worse in homes that don’t get enough fresh air flushed through them. If your house is next to a busy street or in a polluted area, you might have to take extra precautions to keep the air in your home safe.

Short-Term Health Effects

When you’re in a highly polluted environment, you may experience several symptoms. Indoor air pollution can cause anything from dizziness to fatigue. It’s also associated with throat, nose, and eye irritation. People who already suffer from asthma may have a worse reaction to being in a polluted indoor space.

Long-Term Problems

Living in a building with poor air quality can lead to several serious issues. Long-term exposure to indoor pollutants has been linked with various cancers as well as lung and heart diseases. Indoor air pollution can decrease from the overall quality of your life.

Minimizing Indoor Air Pollution

There are several ways that you could improve the indoor air quality in your home. Southern Comfort Mechanical can perform maintenance on your HVAC system so that it can filter particles out of your indoor air. When we perform a tune-up, we’ll replace any dirty air filters and make sure that the important parts of your system are clean. Installing air purifiers or advanced air filtration systems is also a great way to reduce your exposure to indoor air pollution.

Skilled HVAC Professionals

Southern Comfort Mechanical is ready to work with all types of HVAC systems in Lewisville. In addition to performing heating and AC repairs, installations, and maintenance, we can also help with air handlers, attic-blown insulation, duct cleaning, and indoor air quality. Our family-owned and -operated company is a five-time winner of the Best of Denton County community award and is proud to offer highly personalized services to meet your individual needs.

Find out more about the various HVAC services we offer in the Lewisville, TX, area by calling Southern Comfort Mechanical today.

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