Why Does My Thermostat Click When It Comes On?

January 20, 2020

Thermostat IssuesAre you ever relaxing at home when you get surprised by a loud click? A lot of thermostats make a clunking, clicking or ticking noise as they turn on, and some homeowners wonder if they need to be concerned. Keep reading to get the answer to all your questions about thermostat noises.

Is Thermostat Clicking Normal?

The first misconception to clear up is the idea that a clicking thermostat is bad. It is actually very common for thermostats to make noise. In fact, a thermostat that does not click when you adjust the settings can be a sign that your HVAC system is not working. You may also need to call Southern Comfort Mechanical for our Lewisville HVAC repair if your thermostat is constantly clicking even when the AC or heat is not running.

Why Do You Hear a Click?

The underlying cause for this click is purely mechanical. What you are hearing is two tiny electrical leads in the thermostat snapping together when your thermostat registers a temperature change or setting change that requires the system to run. The electrical leads clicking together completes a circuit and lets your heating or cooling system turn on. You can think of the clicking sound as the noise of a small switch flipping inside your thermostat.

Is There Any Way to Silence the Click?

If you dislike the sudden noise of a click, there are a few options available. An easy fix is getting additional insulation around your thermostat. This can dampen the sound from the click to keep it from disturbing you. You can also take a look at smart thermostats with integrated circuits. Since these do not use electro-mechanical relays, they run silently.

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