How Does a Furnace Work?

February 20, 2020

How Does a Furnace Work?Most people do not realize the simplicity of their heating system. It is important, though, to understand how it works so you know what to do when something acts up.

Basic Troubleshooting First

It’s quite likely that you’re reading this because you are experiencing a problem with your furnace. There are two simple fixes you should try right now.

First, check your furnace filters. Clogged filters prevent air from flowing through the system, and this can put extraordinary strain on some components. Second, check the batteries in your thermostat. A poor electrical signal from the thermostat can cause the furnace not to engage properly.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue, consult with Southern Comfort Mechanical in Lewisville. We’ll send out one of our technicians. They’re highly trained in how your furnace works, and they’ll be happy to explain things to you. In the meantime, here’s a brief overview.

The Heating Process

Obviously, the purpose of a furnace is to produce heat, but how is that achieved? When your furnace receives a signal from the thermostat, it burns fuel in the combustion chamber. That warms the heat exchanger.

Air rushes through the heat exchanger thanks to the circulation fan. As it passes though, the air is heated, which is what you feel coming out of your ductwork. The circulation fan creates a circular airflow through the entire system. It draws cool air in through the return duct, forces it through the heat exchanger and then pushes it out into the house.

While the process is simple, there are several delicate parts at work within the furnace. These include the igniter, the gas valve, sensors, switches and relays. Due to their delicate nature, only a trained professional should handle these repairs. Untrained hands attempting the work can easily lead to additional damage, not to mention the risk of serious injury.

Rely on the Local Experts

Proudly serving the Lewisville area since 2007, the team from Southern Comfort Mechanical continues to earn the “Best of Denton County” award. Our competent technicians are highly skilled with both heating and cooling installation, repair and maintenance. We also handle other aspects of home comfort such as air duct cleaning, attic insulation, air quality, dehumidifiers and UV air sanitizers. Give us a call today so you can rest comfortably tonight.

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