Where Should You Buy Your AC Supplies From?

August 22, 2018

When doing routine maintenance or small repairs on your air conditioner, it’s important to only use dependable supplies that meet HVAC industry standards. Always make sure that any repair solutions follow your manufacturer’s recommendations. The best way to avoid problems with your system is through preventative maintenance.

Be sure to reference your owner’s manual, and don’t hesitate to seek expert guidance from the team at Southern Comfort Mechanical with any air conditioner issues. Even with proper servicing and upkeep a unit can collect unwanted dust, suffer from normal wear, and ducting can even be damaged without noticing it.

When you have an AC system that isn’t functioning properly it may require special tools or know-how, so keep that in mind. As for small repair solutions and standard maintenance supplies you have options. Here are a few helpful tips on where you should buy your supplies from.

Local HVAC Service Pros

Contacting your local service experts should be at the top of your list. Your average homeowner will save a lot of expense in the long run if an inspection is carried out before any minor repairs are made.

You should know what the root causes of any issues are before trying to troubleshoot your unit alone. Anything other than standard maintenance is better suited for a licensed professional.

If you have a large rip in your ducts you might be able to temporarily patch it, but there’s no guarantee you’ve properly sealed anything without thermal inspection devices. It’s also easy to accidentally cause damage and make things worse when cleaning sensitive components.

Keep in mind that what may seem like a simple task on the surface may be more technical and sophisticated than it looks. It’s always going to be more beneficial to get a professional opinion first and go from there. You might even get some good recommendations from your service pro if you still want to take on the project yourself.

Well-Established Suppliers

If you go to an established supply store you’ve got a lot of advantages. You’ll have customer service, compare products in person, find help matching parts, and you might even find a store clerk that can guide you through your project.

A good HVAC supplier will have personable staff that can answer questions, help you compare products, and leads you in the right direction when you’re having problems with your unit. From filters to vents, you’ll be able to snap a quick photo or bring in a part to get a perfect replacement.

Online Suppliers

When buying supplies online it’s a game of chance. You don’t really know what your getting until it arrives at your front door days later. Quality seems to be the biggest concern with ordering through the Web.

It doesn’t take much to make a mistake when measuring parts or looking for replacement components either. The rule-of-thumb with online orders is to avoid cheap deals because you get what you pay for.

It can be a huge hassle to return a mail-order shipment for a refund or exchange when products don’t meet your expectations. The only good reason to order online is if it’s straight from the manufacturer and no one carries what you’re looking for locally.

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