What Causes Heating Repairs?

December 20, 2019

When a furnace runs without problems, homeowners don’t pay much attention to it. When problems arise, however, the heater will suddenly become a top priority. Smart homeowners should learn a little bit about the reasons for heater-related repairs. Understanding why furnaces may require repair work helps with potentially preventing problems or addressing them without delays.

The Pilot Light Went Out

Once the pilot light goes out, there’s nothing to create the flames on the gas-powered burner. An extinguished pilot light is quite common. Reviewing the owner’s manual should tell the tale about how to light it. Often, merely pressing a button a specific way fires things back up. That said, there could be more serious issues with the pilot light necessitating a service call.

A Dirty Filter

Filters look pristine when first placed into their designated location. Once the screen catches all that dirt, dust, and debris circulating through the air, the filter doesn’t look so good. Many people never see what the filter looks like because they don’t change it. The filter can then become clogged, airflow doesn’t travel so smoothly, and air quality suffers. Worse, the system could overheat tripping the limit safety switch. If the failsafe switch doesn’t shut off the system and it overheats, a disaster could occur. If your heater needs repairs, Southern Comfort Mechanical may be able to help. Lewisville, TX, residents can inquire about furnace and air conditioning repair and maintenance work.

The Thermostat Isn’t Working Right

Sometimes, the furnace itself is fine; it is the thermostat that is causing problems. The issues with the thermostat could be the result of damage, loss of power, age, and so on. Fixing the thermostat should become a priority, or else the furnace might not run properly. Perhaps you could take the situation as a chance to upgrade an old, outdated thermostat.

A thorough examination can reveal the problem bugging your heater. Call on Southern Comfort Mechanical today to diagnose and repair the problem. Ask about preventive maintenance and other heating/cooling services when you contact our Lewisville, TX, office. Did you know the company also handles indoor air quality work, too?

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