The Best-Kept Heating Secrets

December 20, 2018

The Best-Kept Heating SecretsWinter is such a pretty time of year. There is snow (or just frost-covered grounds,) holiday decorations, and it always seems that sunny days are clearer and crisp on extremely cold days.

Maybe you like to get away to your favorite ski resort or icy city to sip hot chocolate while watching kids ice skate–or maybe you take advantage of the weather and go camping, hunting, or hiking.

Whatever your version of an ideal winter day is, there is one commonality: winter brings higher electric bills. We’re going to take a look at how you might be able to save some cash when it comes to heating. Keep reading for more information!

Temperature Adjustment

Although you might find your house quite comfortable when the temperature is set at a warm 76 degrees, it also is probably not an efficient choice in the winter.

Many companies will tell you to set your heating system to 68-70 degrees, which is fine if the winter is mild. However, most people find this to be a bit chilly indoors.

Instead, opt to gradually decrease your thermostat setting. A great threshold to aim for is around 72 degrees during the day. At night, you may find it easier to lower the temperature a bit more because you’re sleeping and also under those warm, comfy blankets.

Consider Your Thermostat

You might already know that adjusting the temperature of your home will save you money, but did you consider that your thermostat may be sabotaging your efforts? If you have an older, mechanical, and non-programmable thermostat, this may be the case. It would benefit you and your wallet to upgrade to one of these three:

Digital- just a small step up from a mechanical thermostat, these devices tell you exactly how warm or cool your home is. The heater can be set to turn on when the temperature in your home reaches a certain range, and in the summer, the same is true for your AC.

Programmable- similar to a digital thermostat, these devices can be set to turn on and off at certain temperatures. Additionally, you can also program them to change their temperatures throughout the day should you be out of the home. This feature can help save plenty of money by not wasting excess heat while you’re gone.

Smart- the latest trend to hit the HVAC market–these systems are programmable, wi-fi enabled, can be controlled by your smartphone, and can learn your behavior and schedule. In addition to this, you can choose to receive monthly energy reports showing what you can expect to pay.

Paying Less For Energy

We haven’t figured out how to control the weather, but we have figured out how to harness the electricity responsible for heating our homes. With this said, it will take some work to find the temperature that feels best for your family and won’t cost an arm and a leg.

Finding a happy medium between comfort and cost will make your wallet thank you. In addition to finding a comfortable temperature and updating your thermostat, you should also call Southern Comfort Mechanical to schedule a tune-up. This will help ensure that you never pay too much for energy! Do you have a cold-weather tip that you love? Share it with us in the comment section!

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