Signs You’re Overworking Your Heating System

October 22, 2019

During colder months, running the heater 24/7 becomes almost unavoidable. Who wants to suffer through unbearably chilly weather? While putting the heating system through an endurance test may be unavoidable, so can a breakdown. A heater can only handle so much work. Be mindful of these signs that indicate you might be overworking your heating system.

The Thermostat Is Wearing Out

Specifically, the buttons on the thermostat are wearing down because you regularly adjust the temperature. Hitting the “up and down” buttons on the thermostat isn’t something you should do multiple times per day. If you can’t get the heating system into a particular routine, then something is wrong. A new thermostat may be in order.

Electricity Bills Are Far Higher

You likely expect higher electricity bills in the winter since you’re running the heater so much. If the bills appear much higher than average, the heating system could be working too hard and draining energy. That is not the sign of a healthy heater.

Heating Appears Uneven

Warm air should circulate evenly through the air ducts in your home. If the air doesn’t travel or heat evenly, you end up with cold spots inside some of your rooms. Since this is abnormal, assume there’s a problem with the heating system.

Experienced Help Is a Phone Call Away

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