Want long-term cooling comfort? Schedule regular AC maintenance with Flower Mound’s award-winning experts.

AC MaintenanceIf you’ve experienced unexpected AC breakdowns, you know how frustrating it can be. We understand. That’s why at Southern Comfort Mechanical, we offer a preventative maintenance program for our customers.

Our Comfort Club Membership provides twice-annual inspections for your HVAC system. For air conditioners, maintenance is conducted in the spring, right before summer rolls around.

What’s included in the AC maintenance plan?

AC Maintenance Plan with Southern Comfort Mechanical in Flower Mound TX

We will…
  • Clean the condenser coil
  • Inspect the breaker
  • Replace the air filter if needed
  • Make sure refrigerant level is accurate
  • Inspect capacitors and blower motor
  • Test out system pressure

We also provide one-time AC maintenance. But we recommend joining the Comfort Club for complete peace of mind.

What if You Don’t Maintain Your AC?

The truth is, your air conditioner will continue to work just fine without annual maintenance. However, unexpected problems are more likely to occur. Replacing your air filter every few months is not enough. Frozen evaporator coils, broken thermostats, leaking refrigerant, and leaking condenser coils are common issues associated with a lack of regular maintenance and service. When you opt for regular AC maintenance, you enjoy greater peace of mind. Our technicians will check, inspect, and tune up every aspect of your cooling system. If there are problems developing, we can repair it on the spot.

This is the difference between no maintenance and regular maintenance: potential issues are discovered and prevented from getting worse.

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Comfort Club members enjoy improved AC efficiency, which means better overall indoor comfort and safety for you and your family. Not looking for AC maintenance? We also offer AC repair, installation and furnace maintenance.