Supreme air conditioning and duct cleaning services in Shady Shores

Anybody who lives in Shady Shores, TX knows how hot it can be during the day and how cold it gets when the sun goes down. It makes owning an air conditioner and furnace a crucial part of homeownership. By the same token, it’s also essential to be able to access comprehensive HVAC services all year long. That’s why we offer AC repair services, furnace repair services, and air duct cleaning services here at Southern Comfort Mechanical.

Shady Shores AC and Heating Repair

We Can Repair All Broken or Damaged AC’s and Furnaces

AC Repair in Shady ShoresThere’s no better way to kill a mood than for an air conditioner or furnace to break down during extreme temperatures. It can bust up any daily routine and bring productivity to a screeching halt. At the same time, an appliance that’s running at low efficiency can cause energy costs to skyrocket. If you need somebody to fix your cooling or heating appliance, we’re ready to take your call. We’ll stop by to fix the problem straight away.

For much bigger jobs, such as air conditioner replacements or furnace replacements, we can fill that need as well. We want to put that spring back in your step by helping you fix your home comfort needs.

We Can Also Repair and Clean Your Air Ducts

Hire Us to Clean Your Air Ducts in Shady ShoresOne thing that’s easy to miss but can have a large impact on your HVAC system’s efficiency is the state of your air ducts. Any cracks and holes mean air can escape, which results in your air conditioner or furnace working harder to provide the same level of comfort. We can plug any holes and patch up any cracks with our duct sealing and duct replacement services.

Another concern regarding damage to your ductwork has to do with the air quality. Holes and cracks can allow dust and debris to enter the system, which means they can be blown into every room of your home. These harmful particles pose a risk to anybody under your roof with a respiratory condition. Protect your family and friends by hiring us to clean your air ducts. We have the right equipment and materials to make sure every inch of your ductwork is clean.