Top-notch air conditioning and duct cleaning services in Lantana

In order to live in Lantana, TX it’s essential to own a fully operational air conditioning system. That’s why every homeowner needs access to comprehensive HVAC services whenever trouble strikes. Here at Southern Comfort Mechanical, we conduct AC repair services, furnace repair services, and air duct cleaning services to all of our customers.

AC Services in Lantana

Full air conditioning services:

  • AC Repair
  • AC Installation
  • Preventative Maintenance

Broken Air Conditioner and Furnace Solutions

Broken Air Conditioner and Furnace SolutionsDon’t let a broken down air conditioning and heating system ruin the comfort level in your home and drive up energy costs. An HVAC system that isn’t operating at top efficiency could affect how warm or cool you feel and force the appliance to run for much longer. Call the technicians at Southern Comfort Mechanical if you want high-quality repair and maintenance services. Every homeowner should be seeking solutions to problems with their home’s comfort systems.

If the damage is beyond repair and you need to replace a unit, we can supply that service as well. The experts we hire can conduct both air conditioner replacements and furnace replacements. It’s our duty to make sure everybody in your home can stay cool when it’s hot during the day and sleep in a warm bed at night.

We Also Clean and Repair Air Ducts

Southern Comfort Mechanical AC and Duct Cleaning TeamAll the cool and warm air that circulates throughout your home have to go through the air ducts. If these vessels aren’t cleaned properly, they can fill up with dust, debris, and other contaminants. This will affect the quality of the air in your home. Good thing we have the right tools and materials to clean out your ductwork. We can clean your air ducts, which will allow everybody under your roof, including those with respiratory issues, to breathe more easily.

It’s also crucial to patch up any holes in your home’s ductwork. Not only do these imperfections decrease your HVAC system’s efficiency by letting air escape, but they open the door for more dust and debris to enter your air ducts. We can plug all of the holes and install replacements as you see fit.