How to Test Indoor Air Quality?

March 19, 2020

An essential part of keeping your family safe in your home is being aware of potential risks. Before you can take action, though, you must collect information. One risk you might face in your home is poor air quality.

In many cases, pollutants become suspended in the air in your home. This may lead to various short-term and chronic health conditions. Before you can take action to remove these contaminants, you have to understand which ones are there. To help you keep the air in your Lewisville home as healthy as possible, here are some tips for testing your indoor air quality.

Types of Indoor Pollutants

The pollutants in your home’s air are made up of substances that are both naturally occurring and manmade. While some of these pollutants come in from the outside, others result from sources within your home.

Examples of pollutants include lead, radon, asbestos, ozone, carbon monoxide, and mold. Given this wide range of pollutant types, we at Southern Comfort Mechanical recommend a broad-spectrum testing solution to give you a complete picture of your indoor air quality.

Types of Testing

Ideally, a single kit would be able to test for every possible indoor pollutant. Unfortunately, no single test kit exists. This is why multiple tests need to be done. Within these different tests, there are multiple options for how to conduct your testing.

Electronic monitors keep track of the levels of certain pollutants on an ongoing basis. If you want to know the quality of your air in real-time, then this is your best solution. The most common type of electronic monitor is a carbon monoxide detector. As you might imagine, it’s important to be alerted to the presence of this pollutant before it has a chance to cause unconsciousness or death. Monitoring systems are available for other types of pollutants as well, including radon, VOCs, mold, and many more.

Test kits perform a similar job as electronic monitors in that they capture the levels of certain pollutants at a specific time. Instead of continual monitoring, though, these test kits are sent to a lab for thorough testing to provide you with comprehensive results. Though the lack of ongoing monitoring could put you and your family at risk of a sudden spike in pollutants, the testing that is done in labs is typically more accurate than an electronic monitor that is designed for residential use.

A third option, professional testing, is when you have a technician from a company like Southern Comfort Mechanical come to your home and test the air quality. A technician will use both electronic and chemical tests to provide you with a full air quality report.

The best thing about professional testing is that you can be sure the process is being performed correctly and that the results will be accurate. Plus, a technician can provide you with suggestions for how to improve your indoor air quality once you receive the results.

What Can Be Done?

It’s important to remember that most indoor pollutants won’t cause immediate negative health effects. Therefore, when you determine which pollutants are in your air, you can take some time to figure out the best course of action.

In some cases, filtering the air is the best option. Filters using a HEPA filter and a chemical filter tend to be able to capture the widest range of indoor air pollutants. Indoor filters can be found in both whole-home and portable varieties.

In other cases, you may need to make more major changes to reduce the level of pollutants in your home. If mold is present in your home, for example, you’ll need to remove the source of the mold before you’ll begin to see a difference. As long as you’re making forward progress toward a pollutant-free home, though, any step you take is a step in the right direction.

If you are ready to take control of your home’s air quality, Southern Comfort Mechanical can help you do it right. We offer a full range of indoor air quality tests to help you see just what you’re breathing in.

At Southern Comfort Mechanical in Lewisville, we also offer a full array of HVAC services. Our crew can install, repair, and maintain all types of home comfort systems. We can also install attic insulation to help make your home more energy efficient.

As proud winners of the Best of Denton County for the last five years, you can be sure that we won’t let you down. We have an experienced team of professionals who are dedicated to going the extra mile to meet your needs. For a great experience in home comfort and health, give us a call today.

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