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Courteous air conditioning and duct cleaning services in Corinth

Air Conditioning and Heating in Corinth

One thing nobody in Corinth, TX can be without is a functioning air conditioning and heating system. Summer days are too hot and winter nights too cool to go through life without them. Equally as important, however, is access to comprehensive HVAC services to make sure these systems stay up and running throughout the year. That’s why at Southern Comfort Mechanical, we offer AC repair services, furnace repair services, and air duct cleaning services to all of our customers.

We’re Able to Repair All Broken ACs or Furnaces

Repairing Broken AC or Furnaces in CorinthIf your air conditioner or furnace malfunctions in the middle of a hot summer day or chilly winter night, it can be a big problem. A broken down HVAC system can make the environment in your home uncomfortable. This could also cause the system to work harder in order to compensate, which will bump up energy costs. Give us a call, however, and we’ll come over and take control of the situation.

If the damage to your appliance is too severe and you need an air conditioner replacement or furnace replacement, we’re able to conduct these services as well. Contact us and we’ll get to work providing your home with cool and warm air again straight away.

Allow Us to Repair and Clean Your Air Ducts

Hire Southern Comfort Mechanical for AC and Heating Repair ServicesAnother factor that can majorly impact the efficiency of your HVAC system is the number of cracks and holes that exist in the air ducts. These allow air to escape, which makes your AC or furnace work extra hard. We can plug the holes with our duct sealing and duct replacement services.

On top of making your HVAC system less efficient, cracks and holes open the door for dust and debris to enter ducts and by extension your entire home. These harmful particles can enter your air supply and decrease the indoor air quality. Luckily for you, we have the right materials and equipment to clean out your ductwork. Breathe safe air again and protect anybody under your roof with respiratory problems by hiring our air duct cleaning services.

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We can make sure your air conditioning and heating appliances stay in tip-top shape while taking care of the air quality in your Corinth, TX home. Give us a call at (469) 444-2001 to book an appointment.