AC Repair & Duct Cleaning in Argyle

Affordable air conditioning and duct cleaning services in Argyle

Argyle Heating and AC ServicesIf there’s one thing homeowners in Argyle, TX understand it’s the value of air conditioning and heating. Whether it’s high noon or the middle of the night, a properly functioning HVAC system is key to life in Texas, and access to comprehensive home comfort services is a must.

Here at Southern Comfort Mechanical, we’re here to perform all of the AC repair services, furnace repair services, and air duct cleaning services you require.

We Can Fix Any Broken AC or Furnace

Kids Enjoying Air Conditioning in Their Home in Argyle TXBeing forced to live through a hot summer day or sleep in a cold bed at night without the support of an HVAC system can be an insufferable experience. An inefficient AC or furnace can make the climate extremely uncomfortable and force the appliance to work harder, which will leave you with an expensive energy bill. If you call on us, we’ll be able to make any repairs necessary.

Sometimes, however, a system is too damaged to be repaired. In this case, we can provide air conditioner replacement and furnace replacement services. All you have to do is give us a call and we’ll get your HVAC system back up and running.

Let Us Clean and Repair Your Air Ducts

Hire Southern Comfort Mechanical for Your AC Repairs and Air Duct Cleaning in Argyle TXThe air ducts in your home are what allow the cool and warm air from your HVAC system to enter every room of your home. If your ductwork fills up with dust, spores and other debris, these particles can enter your air supply and have an impact on the air quality. We equip our people with the right tools and materials to scrub your air ducts clean. Our duct cleaning services will help everybody under your roof breathe safe and clean air.

In addition to cleaning your ducts, we can fix any cracks and holes we find. Such imperfections allow even more harmful contaminants to enter your ductwork while also letting air escape, which affects your HVAC system’s efficiency. At your leisure, we can conduct duct sealing and duct replacement services.

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Keep your HVAC system in good shape. Give us a call at (469) 444-2001 today to book an appointment. We can take care of any problems regarding air conditioners, furnaces or air ducts for customers in Argyle, TX.